06.06.2017 / Blog / Driverless

Audi targets 2021 for driverless car debut



Audi has confirmed that it will launch a series of vehicles with autonomous driving technology by 2021.
According to AutoExpress, the German car giant will produce an all-electric city vehicle “for initial low volume production” as the company looks to “take a leading role within the Volkswagen Group for driverless cars.”

The vehicle will feature technology optimised for autonomous driving in urban environments, says the magazine, and is expected to adopt a similar shape to the Volkswagen Up! city car.

Audi is expected to name the autonomous car the A0 or A2, says Autocar, although the former is more probable as the vehicle is expected to be smaller than the A1 hatchback.

Should this happen, the magazine says it “would be the second smallest car Audi has ever made”. Only the company’s Volkswagen Polo-based 50, which launched in 1974, would be smaller.

Audi is among several automakers targeting autonomous vehicle production for 2021.



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