Who we are?

Software development and maintenance team

Technologies and skills

We live at the intersection of technologies

Programming languages and technologies

OOA, OOD, OOP, Multithreading and Multiprocessing, Scala, HaXe, Java, J2SE, Flex, Swing, JavaBeans, JCE, SSL, J2EE, EJB, JMS, J2EE design patterns, Cryptography, Hibernate, JSP and Servlets, Tapestry, JSF, Spring, AJAX, DOJO, JQuey, Struts, JINI, HTML, DHTML, WebDav, JSON, JavaScript, CSS, XML, JAXP, XSL, XSLT engines, Xpath, other W3C drafts and specifications, Action Script3, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Scrivito, С#, C++.

Content management systems

Adobe AEM (frontend and backend development) / Joomla / Drupal / WordPress / Typo3 / VirtueMart / Alfresco

Mobile applications development

iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch, Apache Cordova and PhoneGap, Android SDK, Android Native Development Kit (NDK), Android DT (ADT); Facebook/Twitter/VK API, PayPal API, Titanium, Authorize.net API, RESTful services, Core Data, RESTKit, JSON, CoreGraphics, QuartzCore, GCD, Xtify API, EPF API, Flurry analytics API, Google analytics API, Makito Framework, Calabash Framework

Database management systems

Oracle9i/10G, Oracle Text, Mongo Database, MSSQL, PL/SQL, MySQL, MS Access, Dbase, Sybase, Berkeley DB, DB2

Web and Application Servers

Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, Jetty, Netty, Borland Enterprise Server, Weblogic

Programs environment, technologies and applications

IntelliJ Idea, Eclipse, FlexBuilder, Oracle JDeveloper, TOAD, JProbe Suite Optimizeit, Net Beans, SilkTest, SilkMeter

Version Control Systems

Subversion, Git, CVS, Visual Source Safe

Continuous integration server

Hudson continuous integration server



Bugs Tracking Systems

Jira, Trackgear, Bugzilla, SilkTest, TestLink

Design and requirements tools and technologies

Confluence, Sparx EA, Borland Together, Rational Rose, ERWin, UML

Operating systems

Linux/Solaris, DOS, Windows 32/64, MAC OS X

We are Navatsoft

Motivated, impactful and robust team




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Attention to details



Innovations and business

Software development

If it is necessary for your company:
-- to develop the software from the scratch (Web applications, stationary or distributed systems)
-- to change, to add and to improve your existing system
-- to integrate complex solutions into your system and-or to upgrade your system using new technologies
-- to get qualitative support (24/7) for your software
-- to receive qualitative consultation about development of application/system architecture
-- to develop design accordingly to user system interaction standard
Navatsoft will help you to find the optimal solution in all questions. Our experience allows us to consider all specificity of your company activity at a stage of the business analysis and development of architectural solutions of your system.

Software Maintenance, support of existing systems

The majority of companies existing in the market for many years already own the systems that are used for support and automation of business processes. Very often there is a necessity to upgrade current system, to expand system with a new functional, to eliminate small problems or to adapt elements of system or all system for the new technologies. Besides, large and medium companies very often need additional service for their information applications.

Navatsoft provides services in support of the difficult integrated systems. These services include performance of preventive operations for the purpose of system performance improvement; a finding and malfunction analysis of errors with usage of the modern technologies and diagnostic means; change, finishing and upgrade of existing components of system; setting of necessary updates

Depending on needs of your company we can consider various possibilities of service:
-- remote service - our experts will give the qualified consultation on all questions related to operation of the software, using the modern methods of communications. In case of need we can carry out the analysis of the used software and to give recommendations about expediency of update, modification or additions;
-- operation with involving the customer and-or its representatives - at such model of cooperation we are ready to give complex service for changes or implementation of new components. At involving of your experts to the given process, such approach will allow you in case of need to perform the further upgrade independently;
-- the full service of the company - in this case we give a team of experts which carry out complex actions for testing, to upgrade and improving systems taking into account all wishes of the customer

At any model of service we provide an increase of serviceability and efficiency of applications according to requirements of the client.

Software testing

For a long time already it is not a secret that the price of the error which has been found out at the last software development cycles can increase in ten times expenses and end-product cost. Therefore the problem of errors detection in beginning of development is an actual for any company working, including, and in the field of IT workings out. Unfortunately, not all companies put efforts to testing and quality of a product especially at early development cycles, thereby bringing additional expenses and inconveniences to the clients.

Company Navatsoft pays steadfast attention to quality of the developed software. We have developed system which allows us to trace a state of the project and it is reliable to lock appearance of problems at the earliest stages. Our system of quality unites set of the criteria including a wide range of QA methodologies, thereby allowing us to supervise confidently projects development and testing processes at all stages.

Our experts in the field of testing have experience in following directions:
-- Automatic testing
-- Testing of loading, functionality, regressive tests; integration of a software solution with other platforms and environments
-- Testing of efficiency and convenience of software GUI
-- Carrying out of the analysis of testing process on the side of the customer, consultation on improvement of testing methodologies
-- On customer demand we provide the documentation by results of the step-by-step testing, including the developed testing plan, criteria of product acceptation, a product quality evaluation