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Meeker’s Internet Report Highlights Amazon’s Dominance



Amazon’s sway over consumers continues to reach new heights. Jeff Bezos’s company, which started out as a small online marketplace when most of the world still had no access to the internet, now sells everything from bed sheets to backpacks to a global, active user base in excess of 300 million.

Mary Meeker’s latest internet trends report detailed just how dominant Amazon has become. Among the prominent venture capitalist’s most interesting findings was the revelation that the Seattle-based company now sells more batteries than Duracell and almost as many diapers as Procter & Gamble’s leading brand Pampers.

In her comprehensive breakdown of web habits, the analyst claimed that, as of August 2016, Amazon commanded just over 30 percent of the U.S. battery market, giving it a comfortable 10 percentage point lead over its closest rival Duracell, and ranked third in baby diapers sales with a 15 percent market share.

Amazon’s dominance of various niche categories reflects the growing pull of ecommerce. With an increasing number of consumers now preferring to shop online, Meeker reports that retail store closures are set to break a 20-year record.

Online retail sales in the U.S. grew 15 percent from 2015 to 2016, as package and parcel volumes surged 9 percent year-over-year. Those figures, and the revelation that an increasing number of companies are closing down brick-and-mortar stores, came as Amazon opened a book shop in New York and a grocery store in its native Seattle.

Meeker also confirmed that Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) continues to dominate the cloud market. AWS is reportedly being used by 57 percent of IT professionals in 2017, representing the same level registered the previous year.

However, the report added that Microsoft currently own 34 percent and 15 percent of the market, respectively, growing their share as an increasing number of customers choose to reduce their dependence on just one provider.


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