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Nebo Introduces Industry’s First Ruby On Rails, Enterprise-Level CMS



ATLANTA, June 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Nebo, a human-centered agency built for the digital age, has announced the launch of the latest version of its proprietary content management system (CMS), NeboCMS. The new release is the industry’s first enterprise-level, Ruby on Rails CMS.

NeboCMS has a 13-year history of powering the digital presence of a vast array of clients including Fortune 1000 companies, non-profit organizations, venture-funded startups and more.

“When we first began in this industry, there were really only two selections for content management systems: open-source platforms that were really good options for simple sites, but lacked many of the features that larger organizations required, and enterprise-level platforms that were more powerful, but more rigid and didn’t offer accessible code,” says Brian Easter, co-founder of Nebo. “We saw a need for another option and decided to build it.”

NeboCMS is designed to provide the best of both worlds: the strength of an enterprise-level system with complete access to its source code. The platform is natively mobile-friendly, W3C compliant, integrated with most major CRMs and gives companies complete control over SEO and social settings without plugins. Built with marketing in mind, NeboCMS also integrates with Google Tag Manager, Analytics and Experiments.

“We built NeboCMS for our clients, but we also created it to make our jobs easier as content managers. We build digital experiences and use CMS platforms every day,” remarked Kimm Lincoln, president of Nebo. “NeboCMS is designed by people who live and breathe content management.”



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