09.06.2017 / E-commerce


Product Text Management Database

This tool is used to import data from a customer (Bosch) PIM system to ADAM.
The main focus is root product information. No pictures or advanced information are imported. The main goal is to give the translators and writers a easy accessible tool to write product texts in different languages and resend them to the customer.

Basic information

MVC.Net Application which is providing 2 different Views to the customer (efficientM).
- General overview about all products, ordered by the product category and status.
- Overview about the products with the function of editing specific, customer defined fields for translation of product text.


- Importer: to handle customer provided files with xls extension and import them to a MSSQL Database structure.
- Adam Importer: which is bringing the Database structure to a ADAM structure of classifications(product category) and Assets(products).
- Exporter: to export the ADAM data back into a xls file and use it to provide it to the customer for internal use.

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