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Insurance marketing portal

VKB system belongs to the insurance company VKB (Versicherungs Kammer Bayern - www.vkb.de).

VKB system consists of the next parts:

Marketing portal (MP)

Users of the MP are all the guys who like to sell the insurance-polices of VKB. There they find material about the insurances, can download them, can order them etc. Also they can find materials they need for advertisement in their agency / bank etc. (of course for products of VKB).


WKZ is the part of the system through which agencies get an annual bonus for ordering things from MP or make some other advertisement for the insurance policies.
There are special percentages how many agencies get back from original price depending on type of product.
Agencies register their bookings in the WKZ, admin accepts them and WKZ transfers data to the accounting system. The accounting system return some amount money back to the agencies as bonuses.


The Controlling part is intended to provide to marketing guys at VKB such statistical data as:
- which products / materials are used and which not;
- which kind of users are interested in which materials.

W2P (Web To Print)

W2P - solution where users (agencies) can order printed material that is customized for them.
User can change some image, some text etc. in a given template. Then an engine generates this modified file and user can send it to digital printer who print and deliver the individualized brochure or whatever.

The project is based on Java and Ruby on Rails technologies

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